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8 Great Tips To Avoid A Kitchen Remodel Disaster

Spring usually starts a time filled with home and garden shows within a 50 miles radius. You can probably find a building and home show every weekend between now and the end of spring. While you are out kicking tires and talking to cabinet manufactures, granite counter top salesmen, and appliance companies, we here at Marty Construction would like you to think about some of the pitfalls we have seen when working with a DIY project gone wrong.

  1.  Avoid overspending and overbuilding

home remodel problemWhile this may not be an issue if you know what you want, don’t mind if you see a return on the investment, or plan on living in your home for an extended number of years. If this isn’t the case you will want to be cautious. Kitchen remodels can run anywhere from $1000 to $50,000, depending on your choice for luxury appliance, marble floors, and granite countertops.

It is a good idea to do a little market research and check your neighborhood and surrounding areas for comparable home prices. If you are living in a starter home in a modest priced subdivision then installing granite counter tops with high end cabinets and marble floors might not realize a return on your kitchen remodel investment. On the other hand, if you are looking at a large 4500 square-foot home in a Table Rock Lake community you might want to avoid Formica counter tops and stock cabinets at the local lumber store. Both styles are perfectly acceptable for a kitchen remodel in the right home.

  1. Maintain the integrity of your home design

If you are going to remodel a 1960’s ranch-style home into a contemporary cooking space you run the possibility of confusing a future buyer as to the type of home they are looking to purchase. Homes are built in a certain architectural style. It is always advisable to work with your homes architectural style, not against it. Otherwise, you’ll spend too much money and time on a complete overhaul, and you’ll likely end up with a kitchen that looks out of place. If you want a new kitchen but want to keep with the style of you home it might be time to seek a professional like Marty Construction.

  1. Work within the plumbing layout of your kitchen 

When you start moving electrical outlets, water pipes, drains and gas to reconfigure sinks, ovens, stoves, or dishwashers it can get expensive. So keep any pipe-connected or electrical connected appliance and fixture in the same area. This will help you keep that kitchen remodel under budget and on time.

  1. Be cautious when rearranging your current kitchen floor plan.

If you do have the budget to rearrange appliances, make sure to pay close attention to your new floor plan. You can easily find yourself unhappy with a kitchen that doesn’t have a proper flow. There is a natural flow to a kitchen that we are used to, but not necessarily aware of on a day to day basis. Disrupting the natural traffic pattern between the refrigerator, stove, and sink can be detrimental to a kitchen remodel. A few questions to ask are, is the dishwasher next to the sink? If this is not the case you will create a mess every time you walk across the room with a dripping dish in your hand. Same goes for the refrigerator; if your refrigerator and your stove are across the kitchen from each other you will find yourself frustrated when you have to leave the cooking area to retrieve that needed item from across the kitchen.

  1. Use existing cabinets when possible.

If your current cabinets are quality built and in good structural shape you can save yourself a lot of cash buy just giving them a facelift.  It’s quite simple to give salvageable cabinets a face-lift. A couple of cost effective ways to repurpose those cabinets is by replacing the doors with new doors and drawer fronts with an updated design , re-laminating fronts and sides, or repainting. We have to warn you attempting to DIY paint cabinets yourself. Doing this project yourself will not give them a professional clean look. This is not the place to cut corners, your cabinets need to be cleaned, lightly sanded and sprayed by a professional painter. A professional refinishing will give you old cabinets a factory new look. Unless you are a skilled painter avoid the temptation to buy a couple cans of spray paint or a gallon of paint and a couple rollers.

You can also give your cabinets a new look by upgrading your door and drawer hardware. There is a large selection of cabinet hardware to match just about every architectural style of kitchen. New knobs and handles along with matching hinges can really make your kitchen remodel stand out without a large investment.

  1. Don’t mismatch your kitchen’s appliances

When buying a new refrigerator, stove and dishwasher, try to stick with the same brand. If you cannot stick with the same brand at minimum stick with the same color, many appliance manufacturers have good-looking, low-priced lines with matching sets. This added touch will give your kitchen a designer look for a fraction of the cost. With a little internet research and some smart shopping, you can find an affordable appliance that looks very high-end.

  1. Don’t forget to budget for sinks and fixtures 

Your kitchen faucet is another area you do not want to cut costs. Get the best possible faucet your budget will allow. You will thank us later when you choose a kitchen faucet that has a pullout spray attachment or a gooseneck with detachable head. Typically, there is not much of a price difference to select a faucet with a nice sprayer as to one without. Like your appliance, make sure you stay consistent with your fixtures finish since mixed finishes can detract from the hard work you have put into this remodel.

  1. When in doubt hire a professional.

home remodel gone wrongWhen it comes to remodeling your kitchen, our best advice is when in doubt hire a professional to get the job done quickly and professionally.  A kitchen remodel can be very time consuming and stressful on a marriage. A couple of mistakes can take you way over budget. It will take a weekend warrior months to complete a kitchen remodel that can be done by your local contractor Marty Construction in a matter of weeks. When it comes to a home remodel there are rooms you can live without for a few months and then there are rooms you cannot… the kitchen and the bathroom are two of these rooms. What we usually find when we are called into finish up a do it yourself job is we have to redo some of the mistakes that have been made and it ends up costing the client more money.

At Marty Construction we have relationships with many different manufactures and this means we can save you money on your materials. We can save you a little money on materials, save you the stress and hassle of working every evening and weekend for months only to be resentful of your beautiful new kitchen remodel for stealing fun family weekends. If you have been kicking tires at the home shows and ready to get started give us a call at 417-294-3482, we can meet with you in your home to discuss your options and possibilities that fit within your budget. Our benchmark is quality and integrity.

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