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You Need A New Roof…Now What?

I think I need a new roof, now what? Fear not, Marty Construction, your professional roofing contractor is here to help. Whether you need a roof leak repaired or you need a whole new roof, we can help you through the process.

The first and most urgent would be a roof leak. Sometimes it can be very obvious that you have a roof leak. When water is dripping into your living room that is a pretty good indicator you have a problem. Sometimes roof leaks can be more subtle and you might just get a light discoloring on the ceiling in your home. An undetected roof leak can cause many problems to your home’s interior and your roofing system as a whole. Ignoring the problem can also lead to a more serious issue like mold which can cause unhealthy conditions in your home and harm your family.

You may think your leak is coming from a loose shingle, this may be true, but there are many other components that could be the culprit. Other issues that can cause roof leaks are missing flashing around a chimney, or some other entry point like roof vents, and vent pipes. Once water has penetrated your roofing exterior it can run along rafters and interior ceilings to find the easiest path to your home’s interior.

Some signs to look for when it comes to roof leaks are water spots on ceilings and walls, missing shingles, cracked or damaged shingles, flashing that is missing or was damaged in a recent storm, and wet spots in the attic.

Another reason you may need a new roof, is damage from heavy winds, hail, and falling debris from a severe storm. If you have a hail storm in your area or heavy winds that bring debris down on your roof, it is a good idea to call us at Marty Construction to come out and visibly inspect your roof. Hail damage that goes undetected for an undetermined amount of time can possibly be denied a claim by your insurance company.

RoofingWorkSometimes you just need a new roof because your current one has outlived its natural life span. Indicators of shingles that are in need of replacement are bald spots where granules are missing, shingles are cracked or curling up on the edges, moss, dark streaks, and sometimes it looks just plain worn out. Another indicator is if your neighbors are getting new roofs it might be time for you to get a new roof. Many neighborhoods have houses that were built around the same time and experienced the same weather patterns. This can cause them to wear out about the same time. If a severe storm blows through your subdivision and you see your neighbors all getting new roofs, you might want to give us a call to inspect your roof for damage. If you do have an insurance claim, Marty Construction can help you navigate through the claims process smoothly. We can be your advocate to make sure you get everything you deserve per your insurance policy.

The final reason you may think it is time to replace your roof, is to increase the value of your home. If you are getting ready to put your home on the real estate market and your roof in pushing 20 years old, a new roof will not only make your home more desirable, it will also increase its value. If you think it is time for a new roof give us a call at 417-294-3482 and we can give you an estimate to fix a leaking roof or replace your old roof with new modern shingles. At Marty Construction our cornerstone is quality and integrity.

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