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Gerard Metal Roofing SystemOne of our newest products here at Marty Construction is the Gerard Metal Roofing System. With more than 40 years in roofing industry, Gerard offers a superior interlocking steel shingle that provides for a lifetime of service and value to home owners. Gerard has selected only the best components for their roofing materials. Your steel shingles are interlocking to prevent them from warping, cracking, rotting, lifting, or burning like conventional asphalt roofing. Their color matching trim and molding give your home’s roofing system a beautiful finished look.

Their steel shingle panels are constructed on durable 26-guage Galvalum steel panels that offer homeowners a natural eye catching look in a variety of colors. The Gerard Metal Roofing System protects your home from all types of weather. You can also choose from a variety of roof ventilation options. Gerard Metal Roofing tiles and metal roof shingles offer the strength and longevity of a metal roofing system, while still providing your home with beauty and style.

Gerard Roof coverings offer a contemporary classic tile, wood shake, or Spanish S-type roofing tiles. While their stone coated steel metal roofing is one of the toughest options on the market its design and construction offers lightweight materials weighing only 1.5 pounds per square foot, making them a great alternative to heavy clay and concrete tiles that can weigh as much as 15 pounds per square foot. This makes a Gerard Steel Roofing option 10 times lighter than traditional clay or concrete tile, making them a great option if you are contemplating a solar power panel system for you roof.

The initial cost of installing a Gerard Metal Roof can be higher than other roofing material options; however the average home owner will replace or repair their conventional asphalt shingle roof over three times in a lifetime. Over the lifetime of you roof you will realize your investment in savings on repairs and replacement costs combined with potentially lower utility bills, and a higher property resale value. One of the most common negotiations in a real estate transaction is roof replacement.

Gerard Metal Roofing metal tilesGerard’s stone coated steel metal roof tiles are one of the most durable and reliable shingles on the market. Conventional roofing products use a moisture barrier underlayment like tar paper that will eventually dry and crack allowing water to penetrate your roofing system. The Gerard system has a dry under deck roofing system that prevents water leaking through to your roof’s structural system. Additionally the 3/16 galvalume coated steel has a baked-on base coating with a reflective decorative stone coating with an outstanding UV rated acrylic finish that’s guaranteed to never rot, crack, warp or break!

The Gerard Roofing System insulated design protects home owners from roof damage by ice and snow. The most common damage comes from ice damming.  When ice forms at the edge of a roof it prevents melted snow and ice to drain from your roofing system. Water pools at the ice dam and can leak into your home’s interior causing severe damage to your home’s interior. Ice damming is virtually eliminated by Gerard’s roofing system design that allows for an air layer between the metal roof panels and your roof’s decking creating an insulation barrier that forces your roof to melt ice faster than conventional roofing options.

The interlocking technology along with Gerard’s superior fastening requirements offers warranty and protection up to 120 miles per hour wind and resistance up to 2.5 inch hail stones. Coupled with a Class A Fire Rating makes Gerard Metal Roofing system a superior choice for your home’s new roof. Visit their website to learn more about steel roofing options and Limited Lifetime Warranty. Give our roofing professionals at Marty Construction a call at 417-294-3482 to learn more about roofing options for your new custom built home or reroofing your existing home.

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