Replace your roof this winter.

Since the groundhog did not see his shadow, we are forecasted for an early spring. It has been a mild winter and we have been busy roofing houses in the Table Rock Lake Area. Most people think about roofing in the spring when heavy rains may penetrate the interior of their home. Others opt for summer time when the weather is hot or fall as the days begin to cool off. By the time spring rolls around roofers are pretty booked up and the summer months in Branson provide for some pretty hot days that force roofing crews off the roof sometimes as soon as mid-day. Not many think that winter is actually a pretty good time of year to get your home roofed.roofing

A question we commonly get is: Can you install a new shingle roof when the temperatures are extremely cold? The roofing industry does not really offer any specific guideline for installation for asphalt shingles in relationship to temperatures. Although some manufactures offer their product recommendations, here at Marty Construction LLC we are roofing houses year round. We pay close attention and on extremely cold days we refrain from climbing on roofs just like some summer days are too hot.

One question many customers ask is what about the self-sealing strips, will they adhere properly in the winter months, and the answer is yes. Although temperature may be in the 40’s the sun provides an added warming effect up on the newly installed shingle roof.

Whenever you decide to replace your roof, our staff is available to provide guidance and assistance in the process to achieve the best result possible. Also, our workmanship warranty on all shingle roof replacements and new roofs provide added protection and peace of mind.

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