Spring Storm Damage Roofing Repair

Spring is officially here and we are starting to experience that beautiful spring weather we have come to enjoy here in Southwest Missouri. However, the forecast this week calls for high winds and thunderstorms later in the week, a side effect of the warm spring days. These spring storms can be intense and bring strong straight-line winds and hail. Both can severely damage your home’s roof and siding. The strong winds we experience here in the Table Rock Lake area can remove shingles from your roof.  Missing or lifted shingles can cause leaks that can create major damage if water is allowed to penetrate the interior of your home.

If you suspect your roof has been subjected to high winds or hail, you need to have it examined by a qualified and experienced roofer immediately. You can have severe damage to your asphalt shingles on your house, even if no tiles or shingles are actually blown off the house. Many roofs look absolutely fine from the ground even though they have been totally compromised by storm damage. Residential asphalt shingles have a sealing strip between them. Strong winds can lift the shingles and breaking seal between the singles allowing for rain water to leak into your home.

When the winds die down and the storm moves through, the shingles can lay back down in place, looking fine from the ground.  Broken sealing strips can commonly lead to your roof needing to be replaced. Sealing strips are a critical component to the integrity, functionality and longevity of your residential roof. In many cases, lifted shingles can take up to two years before they begin to create a problem. The best defense is to have your roof inspected by a professional roofing company like Marty Construction.

Hail Damage

Spring storms in the Branson, Missouri area are subjected to large hail storms. If your area experiences a hail storm, you should also have your roof examined by a professional roofing company like Marty Construction. Some hail damage can be easy to spot for example hail knocks large holes in your siding or big holes in your shingle that can be seen from the ground. Keep in mind you can have significant hail damage that can only be seen close up. Often when hail hits a roof it causes what is known as “degranulation” of the shingles. Degranulation can only be seen on close inspection by someone who knows what they are looking for. When hail causes degranulation the integrity of the shingle is compromised, and the life span of your shingles is significantly shortened. Both of these cases can warrant roof replacement covered under homeowner’s insurance policy. Professional roofing companies can inspect and report damage, but only an insurance company adjuster can interpret a policy and approve a claim. Your best plan of attack if you suspect roof damage from winds or hail is contact Marty Construction. We can give you a report of your roof’s condition and identify any damage. If damage is discovered, you can then contact your insurance company to file a claim and be assigned an adjuster. We work very well with insurance adjusters that are working on your claim. Many in the area actually use us for professional advice on claims.

Whether you have a small, one-bedroom home or a large industrial warehouse that needs new roofing, the professionals at Marty Construction have you covered. Rest assured we hire the best roofers in the Branson, Kimberling City, Branson West, Reeds Spring area. We have over 20 years of construction and roofing experience in the Tri-Lakes Area. This experience along with our benchmark of quality and integrity insures satisfied customers and professional service.

In you think your home has been damages by wind or hail give Marty Construction a call at 417-294-3482 for a free estimate and help through the insurance claim process.

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