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Save yourself from freezing pipes.

Hose bid Marty ConstructionIf you are like us, you have been taking advantage of this beautiful Ozarks weather we have been experiencing in the Table Rock Lake area. Many of you probably got a jump start on your spring cleaning. We just want to remind you that during the next four days the over-night temperatures are forecasted to drop below freezing.

leaking pipe Marty Construction

When we get theses warm spells it is tempting to start spring cleaning and hook up the garden hose. If you forgot to unhook the hose from your outside hose bib, you could find yourself with a bit of trouble on your hands. Leaving your garden hose attached can allow water to freeze very quickly inside your house. Hose bibs are designed to drain when you shut them off. If left attached, your hose bib cannot properly drain allowing the water inside your garden hose and hose bib to freeze relatively quickly.

So don’t forget to take 5 minutes today and turn off your outside water that may have gotten left on over the weekend and disconnect the garden hose. Then when the weather warms back up you won’t have a nasty water leak on your hands, doing damage to your home.

If you are thinking about remodeling or build a new home, give us a call at Marty Construction for all your building and contracting needs. From foundation to roof we tackle every job with quality and integrity.

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